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The 13th-Month Pay Bonus... What is it?

The 13th-month pay bonus is an end of the year incentive Philippine employees receive from their employers. It is equal to a month’s salary for employees who have worked for a year or more in the company or a prorated amount for those who have less than a year’s tenure.

Is it compulsory?

A 13th-month pay bonus is not necessarily mandatory for virtual assistants and is only mandated upon local employers in the Philippines.

However, although it isn’t required, many entrepreneurs give a 13th-month pay bonus to reward and motivate their virtual assistants and it is one of the key bonuses we implore our clients to honour when working with virtual assistants.


How do I calculate the 13th Month Pay Bonus?

It can be quite tricky to calculate the pay due to each of your virtual assistants, especially when they may have different start dates and working hours. We wanted to make it easy for you and have created a calculator so that you can compute both hourly paid and set paid virtual assistant 13th month pay super quick, regardless of the start date or the amount of hours they have worked for you.

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