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Transformation Solution.

Everything about our service is designed around you - from the way we match you with a Virtual Assistant to how you communicate with them.


We take care of the entire process on your behalf - additional tailored training that you require, the onboarding stage and continued support.

To learn more about our Bespoke Transformation Solution click on the package below.


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"Global VA Solutions always provide an excellent service, they are extremely knowledgeable in their field and my new Virtual Assistant is doing wonders for my business"

Olivia - Director, Tru U



We partner. 

We believe in partnerships. Consider us as an extension to your team and one that can help you build a transformational dream team of VAs.


We question. 

We ask why. We thrive on helping you to create a clear outsourcing path for your business and establish the key areas to focus on.


That'll do, won't do. 

We don’t settle for mediocracy. Second best isn’t good enough.


Knowledge is power. 

We believe in educating our clients. What’s ours is yours. We’ll keep you in the know.


We've got you covered. 

We’re confident in all of our actions. We back ourselves. We go the extra mile for our clients with the confidence that we can deliver on our promises.

Give Your Business The Boost It Deserves

Soothe growing pains and transform with support from our Expert Virtual Assistants.

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