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Global VA Solutions Client Testimonial for Virtual Assistant Hired | Lorraine Dolby

Most of the time, as eCommerce business owners, we tend to go solo in managing everything. We do as much tasks as we can. This is because we believe that we can do everything. Sadly that's not true.

Take Lorraine as an example. She used to run her biz all on her own. She wasn't aware how valuable VAs are until she hired one.

And boy I tell you how happy we are at GVAS when she chose us to hire her first VA. Watch and listen to what Lorraine has to say about her GVAS journey.

Thank you much, Lorraine!

If you're like Lorraine doing everything in your eCommerce biz, then it might be time to hire your first superstar VA. Take that first step by booking your free initial consultation call by using the link below:


Here Are Some Additional Resources

Get Expert Virtual Assistants: Want to build your team of transformational VAs and free your time? Learn more here.

Ready to Outsource? Book a Free Consultation Call to learn how we can help you scale your business through Virtual Assistants.

Need to Understand The Benefits of Outsourcing? Download our FREE guide to get all your questions answered.

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