In the Philippines, there are two classifications of holidays: Regular and Special. Depending on the type of holiday, workers in the Philippines may get paid time off. Watch the video to learn more.

I work with a virtual assistant. Is giving time off during Philippine holidays required?

Similar to the 13th-month pay bonus, granting paid time off during Philippine holidays is not necessarily mandatory for virtual assistants and is only mandated upon local employers in the Philippines.

While it isn’t required, a number of business owners still offer this benefit to reward and motivate their virtual assistants. 

This is another key bonus we recommend our clients to honour when working with virtual assistants.


How are regular holidays different from special ones?

The thing that really differentiates regular and special holidays are the holiday pay rules that apply to each one. 


To make things easier, we’ve put together a Philippine Holiday calendar to guide you in determining when these days fall on within the year and whether they are considered regular or special.


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